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Hampshire Wedding Dj's

So your big day is looming but you need to decide on music so finish of your wonderful evening. When creating your beautiful Hampshire wedding it is important to choose the right professional. Many couples chose to use a Hampshire wedding DJ to finish of their special evening.

Although there are benefits to having a wedding band, for example the excitement of live music, these are often outweighed by the superior benefits that come with hiring your own Hampshire wedding DJ. One such benefit is that the happy couple can enjoy their first dance to the song they love rather than to a band's version of your favourite music. This is also beneficial during the cutting of the cake and other special moments as the Hampshire wedding DJ is able to play the songs you love.

Another benefit of using Hampshire wedding DJ's is that they are able to produce the original music at a fraction of the price of a band. This includes the fact that DJ's often do not require a break, which is necessary for a band and can often ruin the atmosphere.

A further benefit of Hampshire wedding DJ's is the level of choice that the couple are given. Firstly, with regards to sound, a DJ can give the couple the perfect sound level at every point in the evening without having to adjust instruments of equipment. Secondly, with regards to genre, a DJ can provide a range of genres whereas a band will often only play one to a high standard. Thirdly, a Hampshire wedding DJ is able to provide thousands of songs at the touch of a button which allows guests to make spontaneous requests rather than being restricted by a catalogue of rehearsed songs.
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